Adding These 3 Ingredients To Your Salad Can Help With Period Cramps


Are you the victim of painful periods? Some women might experience symptoms like awful periods cramps, nausea, severe irritability or anger, lower back pain, fatigue, and depression.

However, the good news is that certain foods can be used to help with period cramps thanks to vitamins and nutrients that are found in them. You most likely crave unhealthy foods while on your period, like ice cream, donuts, pizza, and fried chicken, but the reality is that opting to eat healthy foods can help make your period more comfortable and less painful.

Here are three foods you’ll want to add to your salad for lunch while Aunt Flo is visiting. You’ll feel much better if you do!

1. Salmon

Salmon is rich in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and can go great added to a salad. Salmon is a fish that is easy to eat, offers lean protein, and is also great for your heart health. Other ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties include coconut and olive oil, and cage-free eggs.

2. Dark leafy greens

While Romaine might be your salad base of choice, swapping it out for dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale can help give you a nice dose of antioxidants. These dark leafy vegetables can also help lower cholesterol, can give you a dose of vitamin B and iron. Iron can be very beneficial for women who have heavier periods and can actually become anemic from how much blood they lose. Iron keeps red blood cells healthy and rich in oxygen, which can also keep you from feeling tired and cold all the time.

3. Pumpkin seeds

Vitamin E has been known to help relieve cramps, and pumpkin seeds are full of it! Zinc inside these seeds can also help with bloating and cramping pain. Sprinkling some of these seeds can help you feel better if you’re dealing with a lot of water retention, bloating, and muscle aches.

Do you have any other ingredients that you like putting on your foods during your moon time? Comment and let us know!


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